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Re: Invitation to an open discussion on the ICN2 Framework for Action zero draft to implement the Rome Declaration on Nutrition

Sajid Soofi
Sajid SoofiAga Khan UniversityPakistan

Dear Sir/Madam

Please review below my responses and comments on Framework for Action

1.                   Do you have any general comments on the draft Framework for Action?

  • Can we make some explicit references to micronutrient malnutrition in the framework while setting measurable outcomes?

Anemia among women is already mentioned. However, there are a number of other deficiencies such as vitamin A, D, folate, B12, zinc, iodine, etc. that are widespread among women and children in developing countries. Including goals for reduction in these deficiencies would maintain focus on them as the framework goes through various stages of implementation at international, regional and national level.

  • Can we add a bit more about how food systems can cope with effects of climate change at national level? This would be especially important for some parts of Asia which bear a great burden of malnutrition and are more likely to be affected by climate change.

A number of economic factors which affect nutrition have been comprehensively mentioned, could we also specifically address flood price inflation here and possible policy options to address it.

  • Do you have any comments on chapter 1-2? No specific comment, general comments mentioned above
  • Do you have any comments on chapter 3 (3.1 Food systems, 3.2 Social Protection; 3.3 Health; 3.4 International trade and investment)? No specific comment
  • Do you have any comments on chapter 4-5? No specific comment

2.                   Does the Framework for Action adequately reflect the commitments of the Rome Declaration on Nutrition, and how could this be improved? Yes

3.                   Does the Framework for Action provide sufficient guidance to realize the commitments made? Yes

4.                   Are there any issues which are missing in the draft Framework for Action to ensure the effective implementation of the commitments and action to achieve the objectives of the ICN2 and its Declaration?  No

Thanks & Regards

Dr Sajid Bashir Soofi

Associate Professor
Consultant Pediatrician & Public Health Expert
Department of Pediatrics & Child Health
Women & Child Health Division
Aga Khan University