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Re: Invitation to an open discussion on the ICN2 Framework for Action zero draft to implement the Rome Declaration on Nutrition

Global Social Observatory
Global Social ObservatorySwitzerland

The Global Social Observatory welcomes this opportunity to encourage new thinking about multiple stakeholder engagement in the follow-up to the Second International Conference on Nutrition. The draft Framework for Action is helpful in moving forward on this new thinking. The GSO encourages consideration to be given to the broadening of network groupings as developed in Chapter 1.2. While the listing of non-state actors includes several important categories for advancing food security, there may well be other types of non-state actor categories that merit inclusion in a post-2015 framework.

The GSO notes in Chapter 2.2 that there is a reference to engaging all partners in the implementation of the Global Framework for Action. Similarly, Chapter 3.3 delves into the role of health systems. However, in neither case is there an elaboration of new types of non-state actors that may be useful for a future Global Framework for Action. The GSO encourages ICN2 to convene a special event on considering how to broaden the range of non-state actors who should be involved with governments at whatever level to advance the mission, goals and targets beyond ICN2.