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Re: Street food and urban and periurban agriculture and horticulture: perspectives for a strategic coalition towards food security

C.Palanivelayutham Chokkalingam

I want to share with the forum about perimeter vegetables cultivation by Farmers interest groups in our area. CASE STUDY . Perimeter horticulture plays a vital role in food security to some extent. The lands in around town is the base for this cultivation. In India in the state of Tamil Nadu Tuticorin is one of Dist, capital slowly shifted to industrialisation. In this mean time the villagers around this town earn their income by cultivating horti. Crops and marketing their marketable surplus to this town. In this context 15 no. Farmers interest groups were formed by horticulture department. The main objective of this FIGs integrating farmers to adopt new technology, and using of hybrids to maximize the yield.

Integrating the famers to market their produce to nearby town at reasonable price without middleman. For which Greenveg. outlet have been started by coperative dept. The produce obtained from these FIGs are sold here. The urban people getting good quality vegetable with less price. Thus perimeter veg. cultivation and marketing in urban area increases the food security in sustainable manner.