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Re: Examining the linkages between trade and food security: What is your experience?

Claudio Schuftan
Claudio SchuftanPHMViet Nam

The political and economic context within which national planning takes place is strongly shaped by economic globalisation and the increasing power of transnational corporations.

There is therefore a need to clearly articulate the dire dangers to food security and food sovereignty in current trade and investment agreements and to point towards the provisions which should be included in such agreements to guarantee food security and food sovereignty of the most needy. In recommendations 17 & 18 of ICN2’ Framework for Action there is no reference, under monitoring and accountability, to trade and investment agreements

The People’s Health Movement (PHM) is urging WHO, FAO, the UNHCHR and UNCTAD to create a commission to report on the implications of trade and investment agreements for the right to nutrition in accordance with para 25 of UNGA resolution A/RES/68/177.