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Re: Examining the linkages between trade and food security: What is your experience?

Christian Häberli
Christian HäberliWorld Trade InstituteSwitzerland

Ekaterina, thanks for your summing up. I am not much for triplicas but Max Blanck asked me to feel free to react. (Btw, your reference to the Salvatici study is welcome. My favourite of a bridging attempt remains Jennifer Clapp even where I do not agree with her.

You are right: even scientists, let alone stakeholders, have "often contradictory" views. But when you call for a "holistic food value chain approach" is this not a diplomatic term avoiding competition of ideas and among food suppliers? Pascal Lamy and Olivier de Schutter cannot be both right! (I have argued elsewhere that they are both wrong.)

On the trade liberalisation vs food security debate, my view is still that the former is a blunt instrument able to both free AND kill farmers. By this I mean that neither towing the free trade line OR calling for food sovereignty ensures more food security. My last word, in CNN speak, would be that when the chips are down, safeguards are better than tariffs. And, in WTO speak, Green is better than Amber - but it will be a long time before this sinks in with policy space defenders, and Doha Round negotiators, everywhere!