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Re: Climate Change, Food Security and Nutrition

C.Palanivelayutham Chokkalingam

Climate change and its impact in Food security is one of the broad topic discussed over worldwide recently. The impact of this on cultivation of crops is to be ascertained in region wise. The variation of impact is to be calculated tropical, subtropical and temperate regions separately.

The sub-tropical region like India the climate change and impact in cultivation of different crops are widely noticed. In Southern India esp. setting of North east monsoon differ year to year and this intern affect the crop selection and cultivation.

Various field observation noticed that the delay in monsoon affect the crop performance in terms of yield also. Even fifteen delays delay in monsoon setting and in turn delay in time of sowing affect yield in Pulses, watermelon and other veg. drastically.

Conclusion: Region wise study is needed in each and every cultivable crop for their performance based on climate change.