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Re: How can we protect pollinators and promote their role in environmental and agricultural practices?

Aqleem Abbas
Aqleem AbbasPlant Pathology & Agriculture( )Pakistan

Bees are no doubt, the important and useful insects as they are acting as pollinators. They are in danger because of certain human activities. Today agriculture land in developing countries is depleting, as urbanization continuously dominating because of weak policies of their leaders. More vehicles, more fuel and more smoke, so the bees will be moving away from the agricultural lands, thus there would be drastic effect on pollination process of plants and farmers will get low yield.  The more problem, as I think are conflicts among the nations, from the world war 1, up to now, countries are bombing on one another. In my opinion, useful insects like bees are in danger because of smokes coming out from fireworks, bombs and nuclear bombs. These bombs are more dangerous to every organism. The radiations coming out from these bombs are actually mutating the honey production potential of bees. Climate change is also because of human activities. All what we see extinction, is because of human activities. About three centuries ago, we could say because of nature. Now humans are using diesel, water vehicles, small-scale earthquakes because of nuclear bomb experiments, all these activities are polluting our environment as well as weakening the upper surface of earth. The world leaders are gathering annually to discuss climate change. Why not they reduce their nuclear weapons?? In my opinion, every bullet having chemical is mutagen for any organism. There is no solution, we cannot protect bees, to discuss such topic here seem to be futile, the only solution is use water as a fuel, stop preparation of nuclear bombs or other lethal bombs, everything will be ok. Use wind or water energy as a source for electric city, every organism even bees will be safe.