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Re: Using information technology in the agriculture of APEC economies and beyond – The potential of Wisdom Agriculture for poverty reduction and improved food security.

Durlave Roy
Durlave Northern Agro Services LtdBangladesh

The smart agriculture in Bangladesh

The Ministry of Agriculture usually deals with the crop sector, but agriculture is a multi-sectoral subject that also includes the participation of fisheries, livestock, forests and agro-processing sectors. The draft policy would prioritise agricultural production, generating employment and poverty alleviation and thus ensure food security. Apart from production, agro-processing, marketing, agricultural equipment, irrigation, seeds, fertilizer and mechanisation, the role of women in agriculture and financing would also get priority in the draft National Agriculture Policy. Besides the effects of climate change and environmental pollution on the aspects of agricultural production must be taken into account and solutions formulated for optimum agricultural production and also increased income of farmers. Farmers must be trained in mechanised irrigation and use of fertilizers as also freeing surface water from pollution for proper irrigation of farmlands.

 “National Organic Agriculture Policy", aimed at promoting use of "organic and balanced" fertilisers.

The policy focuses on increasing use of "organic and balanced" fertilisers to compensate for erosion and reduction of fertility of land due to use of chemical fertilisers.