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Re: What role can agricultural extension and advisory services play in realizing gender equality and improved nutrition?

Durlave Roy
Durlave Northern Agro Services LtdBangladesh

YPARD Bangladesh initiates Agriculture for Nutrition (Ag4N) network

YPARD Bangladesh with the support from INGENAES, (Integrating Gender and Nutrition within Agricultural Extension Services), a USAID funded project, is taking up the initiative to establish a National Network on Agriculture for Nutrition (Ag4N) for the scientists, experts, researchers, students and young professionals who are working on nutrition-based agriculture in the country. This platform would be helping in networking and sharing information and knowledge that might be a great support for identifying the challenges of food and nutritional security in the country and developing sustainable solutions for it as well. Moreover, this networking community would be a focal platform for cooperating national development activities through participation in policy level dialogues while providing an opportunity for youth to contribute with innovative ideas.

Purpose of the agriculture for nutrition platform in Bangladesh:

- To inspire youth engaged learn to share.

- Cultivate leadership, create opportunity for leadership.

- Create a platform for nutrition based networking.

- Knowledge and technology dissemination.

- Knowledge sharing and networking.

- Raising awareness about food security and nutrition.

- To involved multi background young people.

- To disseminate what we have for Ag 4 N.

- To encourage young people engage.

- To promote nutrition sensitive knowledge to mass people.

- To incorporate civil society and political persons to the table.

- To promote WASH-Nutrition to mass people.

- To get small research funding from Ypard or associated institutions.

- Youth involvement an nutrition based agriculture.

- Creating awareness about food nutrition to the community.

- Sharing knowledge and resources to take initiative to future nutrition management in


- To share knowledge and exchange idea among widen audiences to achieves SDG through

sustainable agri intensification via climate smart crop production (a plant needs organic

fertilizer for it to grow in a balanced way).

- To build a network with involvement of stakeholders to ensure nutritional security.

- Engagement with GO, NGO, Private sector of professional for agriculture based nutrition

movement making knowledge sharing platform.

- Thinking and Talking, Change minds, new ways.