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Re: Migración rural, agricultura y desarrollo rural

Carlos Granado Fernandez
Carlos Granado FernandezUniversidad Politécnica de las Fuerzas ArmadasVenezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

In my country Venezuela for several years is occurring this situation, rural workers migrate to the city seeking better living conditions, which generally do not find and increase the belts of urban poverty and marginality. This situation is mainly due to two reasons:

1. The lack of inputs for the producer to work obsolete agricultural machinery, lack of irrigation systems, lack of certified seed, fertilizers and chemicals to control pests.

2. Legal Insecurity: The agricultural producer must sell the crop to the government which is paid as and when he wants.

The costs of production do not even cover the payment of labor for the workers. At the moment it is very common to see many rural workers selling their harvest as informal merchants without any type of regulation which distorts the prices of the products generating inflation and shortage by the game of supply and demand. In addition, rural workers state that they can not work for a minimum wage in the countryside because it is not enough to cover their basic needs.

Finally we must conclude that this situation is a direct responsibility of the bad economic policies of the government that when it had the price of a barrel of oil in more than 100 $ did not invest in infrastructure and production of agroinsumos but that is dedicated to import food from producers of other countries to the detriment of domestic producers and now are paying the consequences of these wrong policies ...