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Re: Rural migration, agriculture and rural development

Astghik Sahakyan
Astghik SahakyanICARE FoundationArmenia

My contribution for the question: Are you aware of important sources of information that could be useful for the preparation of the report?

While developing my paper ''Forced migration: Case of Syrian-Armenian Refugees'' I came across with a very good study developed by Migration and Remittances Unit & Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Network of the World Bank Group ''Impact of Migration on Economic and Social Development: A Review of Evidence and Emerging Issues''

The paper provides valuable insights into economic and social impacts of migration for origin and destination countries and most importantly it concludes with arising immigration issues covering environment and climate change, demographic trends, democratic processes and national security questions.

Although concentration is not on rural migration, the paper discusses challenges that arise as a result of rural migration and presents the information as case studies sharing the experience of different countries in the world.


Authors: Dilip Ratha, Sanket Mohapatra, Elina Scheja