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Re: Online consultation for review and comments on the zero-draft International Code of Conduct for the Use and Management of Fertilizers

Cristina Grandi

IFOAM - Organics International appreciates the efforts made by the Global Soil Partnership Secretariat to draft the "Code of conduct for the Use and management of fertilizers”, and we do think that this Code of conduct is an essential document that was long due to the persistent problem of fertilizer overuse hindering the implementation of many of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We agree that it is imperative to consider fertilisers at "the landscape and global levels due to potential nutrient losses to the environment and the negative effect of such losses” and the chapter dedicated to “nutrient reuse and recycling” is a key part of the document.  

Moreover we consider that the first page of the document should mention "the need of an holistic approach to nutrients and to their cycle in soils, plants, animals, humans, water and environment". A new approach from all the stakeholders is needed to achieve the desired results with the code.

We truly believe that this Code should be approved at the COAG meeting this year in order to further achievements for Agenda 2030.