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Re: Eggs: harnessing their power for the fight against hunger and malnutrition

Teopista Mutesi
Teopista MutesiFAORwanda

Dear FSN moderator,

Thank you for this forum which I believe is very relevant as regards to ending malnutrition.

As a communications officer who have been to the field where FAO has implemented the poultry  project in Rwanda, I have heard amazing testimonies of families with malnourished children who have been  fed on eggs and the results have been impressive.

Kindly find links to some of the stories I have covered touching also on the benefits of eating eggs  for children with malnutrition.

STORY 1: Victor Gashema has been providing eggs to the health centre in his area and has seen many malnourished children coming out the red line. The subtitle on eggs is towards the end of this article:

STORY 2: Annociata Benimana had a malnourished child but after joining FAO's poultry project she fed the child on eggs and the status improved.

“I had gone for a mandatory child nutrition test at the health centre, when I was told that my child exhibited signs of stunting,” says Benimana Annociata, a mother of five children. The story is on page 5:

Thank you,