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Re: Towards a common understanding of Sustainable Food Systems

David Neven

• Two key systems approaches are missing: market systems and business models

• Definition on p.8: no reference to linkages, value-addition, aggregation, … also “environment” is not clear (enabling or natural or both?), not good to have “etc.” in a definition. Stating “outputs” including “outcomes” is hierarchically incorrect. Consider definition given in Reference 20

• Illustration of food systems: Consider inserting FAO’s food system’s wheel graphic (Figure 1 in Reference 20 “FAO 2018. Sustainable Food Systems: Concept and framework”), perhaps to replace figure 1 on p.10 (although they do not entirely cover the same) or alternatively at the end with the other figures (Annex 1, 2, 3).

• Page 11. Besides tradition and modern, we can distinguish alternate food systems (see FAO SFS course)

• Infrastructure covers more than trade and roads – ICT, energy, irrigation, ….

• P.16 replace sustainability along all food value chains with sustainable food value chains (similar formatting to sustainable diets)

• Sequence of concepts related to the value chain concept. The sequence in page 19 is incorrect. For example, sub-sector analysis, global value chains and market systems approaches are missing. For a more correct sequence, see Reference 54 (FAO 2014 Sustainable food value chains – guiding principles).

• P.21 reference is made to intermediary actors, but it is better to refer to these as input and support services providers (in line with the lit referenced)

• Sustainable intensification seems mostly concerned with agronomic performance – not triple bottom line sustainability.

• Territorial development: Could mention territorial approaches to agro-industry development (e.g. agri-food parks or Special Economic Zones (SEZ) as well as Rapid Urban Food Systems Appraisal Tools (RUFSAT)

• Table p.39: SFVC approach column is incorrect – it should be the same as SFS approach, except for at the end it should say “commodity” in terms of level of analysis

• PPPs – add reference to FAO literature on this

• Section 4: missing are definitions for: business model approaches, value-added, triple bottom line, consumer environment, market system approaches

• Not clearly indicated what a SFS approach is in practice. How does it link to the individual (sub-system) approaches?