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Topic: Outcomes of the discussion

Outputs of discussions and consultations

The role of Agricultural Innovation Systems in Central Asia and Caucasus countries and China towards more sustainable food security and nutrition

本次在线论坛旨在向社会各界提供经验交流和知识共享平台,推动并加强中亚、高加索地区 及中国农业创新及推广体系建设(AIS)。 农业劳动者(尤其女性)、政府公共服务部门、私营部门、政策制定者与学术界之间缺乏有 效交流与沟通这一现象是制约中亚、高加索区域和中国进行农业创新及推广体系建设面临的共同 问题。农业劳动者难以获得日新月异的科技信息以及变化莫测的市场信息,从而无法从科技创新 和技术进步中获益并提高生计。

Outputs of discussions and consultations

The Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition - Online discussions that make a difference

Knowledge is only effective when it is shared and made available to the broadest possible range of people. This is especially true when aiming at effectively combating worldwide hunger and malnutrition which multidimensional causes require being always well informed on a wide range variety of subjects and trends and to be able to join the international discourse.