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Webinar: What’s in a message? The science and art of FBDGs messages

Tuesday, 26 November 2019 / 15.30-10.00 UTC+1

Commonly, FBDGs messages are aimed at the general public or at specific population groups (e.g. pregnant/lactating women, children younger than 2 years old), and are meant to be designed in a meaningful way, in order to be memorable and actionable for the target audience (i.e. to inspire and enable people to implement the FBDGs recommendations in their daily lives).

Although the messages are often developed through a lengthy process, the details of such process are seldom shared or described. As a result, the steps, challenges and lessons learned of developing, pilot-testing and refining the messages, as well as the evaluation measures to assess their quality, remain unclear.

This webinar is centered on the communication and creative aspects of the FBDGs development process, that is “the creation of the consumer-based messages”, where the presenters will tackle some of the mentioned gaps by focusing on the following questions:

  • What are FBDGs messages? (purpose, uses, guidance principles and processes)
  • What are the lessons learned and main challenges in developing and testing FBDGs messages in LMICs? (regional experiences from Africa and Latin America)
  • What is FAO doing to capitalize on these lessons learned and to address the existing gaps?


Yenory Hernández-Garbanzo, Nutrition and Food Systems Consultant, FAO Headquarters/Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

Mercy Chikoko, Nutrition Officer, FAO Sub-Regional Office for Southern Africa

Israel Ríos-Castillo, Nutrition Officer, FAO Sub-Regional Office for Mesoamerica


This is the fourth of a series of six webinars on FBDGs organized by the Nutrition Education and Consumer Awareness Team of FAO

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