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Strengthening sector policies for better food security and nutrition results: Policy Guidance Series

Achieving the food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture goals by 2030 requires a coordinated set of actions on a number of fronts: coherent policies and programmes, an increase of investments in line with national priorities and greater collaboration across different sectors and stakeholders.  

It is in this context that FAO and the EU, through the “Food and Nutrition Security Impact, Resilience, Sustainability and Transformation” (FIRST) programme are supporting governments and their development partners in creating a policy and institutional environment that is conducive to the achievement of SDG2.

The FIRST’s Policy Guidance Notes series ensures that policy makers have the support they need to understand how sectoral issues affect food security and nutrition and to recognise how to incorporate these considerations into their policies.

What policy changes are needed in sector policies to achieve food security and nutrition objectives? What are the challenges and how can we address them? Using a stepwise approach, these guidance notes support policy advisors and decision-makers in addressing these questions and integrating food security and nutrition as a key objective in relevant sector policies.

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