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Dr Qu Dongyu of China elected Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Rome, Italy, 24/06/2019
Dr Qu Dongyu, with the full endorsement by G77 & China, under the Chairmanship of the Republic of South Sudan, had received a total of 108 votes out of 191 votes casted, constituting a majority in the first round, in the [...]

G77 & China Plenary members reached a consensus to support Dr Qu Dongyu, China’s candidate for the post of Director-General of FAO 2019-2023.

Rome, Italy, 19/06/2019
On 13th June 2019, the Secretary-General of FAO Conference and Council received a communication from the Government of India informing of the withdrawal of the nomination of Mr. Ramesh Chand. Be noted that initially G77 & China group candidates for FAO [...]

G77 & China Rome Chapter Handover Ceremony, March 2019

Rome, Italy, 26/03/2019
The new Chairperson H.E. Natalina Edward MOU, Deputy Head of Mission and Alternate Permanent Representative of the Republic of South Sudan to Rome UN Based Agencies, has officially took over the chairmanship of the G77 & China Group – Rome [...]

Latest Events

G77 & China - Rome Chapter Plenary Meeting, 26 April 2019, FAO headquarter

Rome Italy 26/04/2019 -26/04/2019
G77 & China - Rome Chapter  Plenary Meeting, 26 April 2019, FAO headquarter

G77 & China Plenary Meeting of 28 June 2018

Rome Italy 28/06/2018 -28/06/2018
G77 and China – Bureau Meeting 28 June 2018, 09.30 – 12.30  Red Room   Draft Agenda   1/ Adoption of the Agenda; 2/ Approval of the Minutes of the G77 & China Plenary Meeting held on May 18, 2018; 3/ Financial Situation of the G77 & [...]

G77 & China Plenary Meeting of 18 May 2018

Rome Italy 18/05/2018 -18/05/2018
  G77 and China – Plenary Meeting                                               18 May 2018, H: 10.00 – 13.00             [...]