G77 & China - Rome Chapter

G77 & China Plenary members reached a consensus to support Dr Qu Dongyu, China’s candidate for the post of Director-General of FAO 2019-2023.

Rome Italy 19/06/2019

On 13th June 2019, the Secretary-General of FAO Conference and Council received a communication from the Government of India informing of the withdrawal of the nomination of Mr. Ramesh Chand.

Be noted that initially G77 & China group candidates for FAO Director General position were China, India and Cameroon candidate Mr Médi Moungui, who withdrew previously.

Currently, the only candidate of the Group of G77 & China is Dr Qu Dongyu from China, who had full endorsement by the G77 & China members in its last Plenary Meeting held on 17th June 2019 at FAO HQ-Rome, Italy.