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G77 & China Chairperson 2017

Founded in 1964, the Group of 77 brings together 134 developing countries to discuss the most relevant issues concerning the development agenda at the United Nations and its specialized agencies. With Chapters in Geneva, Nairobi, Paris, Rome, and Vienna, the G77 strives to promote peace and prosperity for human kind through a strong and effective multilateral system.

The G77 - Rome Chapter supports the work of FAO, IFAD, and WFP - UN agencies mandated to guide global strategies and actions to eradicate hunger and poverty.


G77 & China - Rome Chapter : the first Charter of Algiers for the 50th Anniversary of the G77 & China foundation

Rome, Italy, 30/08/2017
CHARTER OF ALGIERS ADOPTED BY THE FIRST MINISTERIAL MEETING OF THE GROUP OF 77, Algiers, Algeria, 10 – 25 October 1967, Part One: The representatives of developing countries, assembled in Algiers in October 1967 at the Ministerial Meeting of the Group of 77, [...]

FAO and G77 & China aligned to the Paris Agreement 2015

Rome, Italy, 30/06/2017
Mr. Rene Castro – FAO ADG - attended the plenary meeting of the G77 & China of 30 June 2017 and addressed a presentation on the lines of the Climate Change and of the FAO perspectives for a better scenario, [...]

Launching of the new façade of the G77 & China webpage - Rome Chapter 2017 .

Rome, Italy, 30/06/2017
The Group of 77 and China has renewed the façade of the webpage showing tools and design that are more attractive. The Chairperson of the G77 & China, H.E. Elias Eljuri Abraham – Rome Chapter 2017 – has greatly taken into [...]

A broad view of the G77 and China about the South - South and Triangular Cooperation

Rome, Italy, 07/06/2017
The Group of 77 and China - Rome Chapter, invited in its Plenary of June, Mrs. Marcela Villarreal, responsible for the implementation of FAO’s innovative strategies on partnerships with the private sector, civil society, academia and research institutions, meant to [...]

G77 and China recognizes the work of Mr. Joseph Nwirga - Independent Chairperson of the Council 2013-2017

Rome, Italy, 19/05/2017
The Fao Green Room was the venue for a recognition to the current Independent Council Chairman (ICC), Joseph Nwirga, on May 18 during the G77 and China plenary session.With a warm round of applauses, Mr. Nwirga received a certificate and [...]