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G77 Events

Steering Committee Meeting

The members of the G77 Steering Committee are invited to attend the monthly meeting that will be held on 13 June 2011 at 15:00 in the map room. Agenda:  
Approval of the Agenda.
2-      Approval of the Minutes of the Meeting of 28th April 2011
3-      Agenda of the forthcoming G77 Plenary to be held on June 24
G77 preparation in the context of the FAO Conference
       ·  Friends of the Chair
       ·  Shared Services Centre
       ·  Expanding the membership of the Council
       ·  Program of Work and Budget (PWB)
5-      Dr. Jacque Diouf Food Security Award In FAO. 
6Access to the Technical Cooperation Program (TCP)
7-      Any other matters