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Summaries for the 94th Session of the IFAD Executive Board 10 - 11 September 2008

EB 2008/94/R.2    IFAD Policy on Promoting Access to Land and Tenure Security  EB 2008/94/R.3    Strategic priorities for a results-based programme of work, Programme Development Financing Facility administrative and capital budgets of IFAD and its Office of Evaluation for 2009 EB 2008/94/R.4     IFAD’s Policy on Enterprise Risk Management  EB 2008/94/R.6 + Add.1   President’s report on the implementation status of evaluation recommendations and management actions (PRISMA) Country strategic opportunities programmes  EB 2008/94/R.7  Burundi: Country strategic opportunities programme  EB 2008/94/R.8   Viet Nam: Country strategic opportunities programme   EB 2008/94/R.9  Brazil: Country strategic opportunities programme   Project/programme proposals for consideration by the Executive Board  EB 2008/94/R.11  Cameroon: Rural Microfinance Development Support Project EB 2008/94/R.12   Congo: Rural Development Project in Likouala, Pool and Sangha Department EB 2008/94/R.13  Senegal: Agricultural Value Chains Support Project EB 2008/94/R.14   Madagascar: Support to Professional Organizations and Agricultural Services Project EB 2008/94/R.15   Mozambique: Rural Markets Promotion Programme EB 2008/94/R.16  Rwanda: Kirehe Community-based Watershed Management Project EB 2008/94/R.17  Indonesia: IFAD Support to the National Programme for Community Empowerment EB 2008/94/R.18  Kyrgyzstan: Agricultural Investments and Services Project EB 2008/94/R.19   Costa Rica: National Rural and Entrepreneurial Development Programme  EB 2008/94/R.20   Albania: Mountain to Markets Programme EB 2008/94/R.21   Georgia: President’s memorandum – Rural Development Project for Mountainous and Highland Areas (Loan No. 543-GE) – Amendment to the loan agreement - Original Document EB 2008/94/R.22  Moldova: Rural Financial Services and Marketing Programme  EB 2008/94/R.23  Sudan: Southern Sudan Livelihoods Development Project EB 2008/94/R.25  IFAD’s response to food price increases Grant proposals for consideration by the Executive Board  EB 2008/94/R.26  Grants under the global/regional grants window to non-CGIAR-supported international centres  EB 2008/94/R.27   Grant under the global/regional grants window to a CGIAR-supported international centre  EB 2008/94/R.28   Grant under the country-specific grants window to the Uganda Women’s Effort to Save Orphans (UWESO) for Institutional Capacity Strengthening, Resource Mobilization and Rural Financial Services Expansion EB 2008/94/R.31   Report on the Eighth Replenishment of IFAD’s resources