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Summaries for the Annual Session of the WFP Executive Board Session - 08 - 12 June 2009

WFP/EB.A/2009/5 Follow-up to General Assembly Resolution 63/232 on Operational Activities for Development of the United Nations System: Extension of the WFP Strategic Plan WFP/EB.A/2009/6-E/1 Report of the Inspector General WFP EB.A/2009/6-F/1 Fifth Update on the WFP Managment Plan (2008-2009) WFP/EB.A/2009/6-B/1 Appointment of Members to the Audit Committee WFP/EB.A/2009/6-I/1 Update on the WINGS II Project   WFP/EB.A/2009/7-B Summary Report of the Strategic Evaluation of the Effectiveness of WFP Livelihood Recovery Interventions WFP/EB.A/2009/13-B Update on WFP Food Procurement WFP/EB.A/2009/13-C Statistical Report on WFP International Professional Staff and Higher Categories WFP/EB.A/2009/13-D Information Note on Funding of Security Management Arrangements WFP/EB.A/2009/13-E WFP Security Report