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Summaries of IFAD's Ninety-eighth session of the Executive Board


Agenda item 2

EB 2009/98/R.1

(Original document)

Provisional agenda  

Agenda item 4

EB 2009/98/R.2

IFAD's 2010 results-based programme of work and administrative and capital budgets, and the Office of Evaluation's three-year (2010-2012) rolling work programme and 2010 resource issues

EB 2009/98/R.3 

(Not Available)


Report of the Audit Committee on the IFAD's 2010 results-based programme of work and administrative and capital budgets, and the Office of Evaluation's three-year (2010-2012) rolling work programme and 2010 resource issues

Agenda item 5: Evaluation

EB 2009/98/R.4

Report of the Chairperson on the fifty-ninth session of the Evaluation Committee

EB 2009/98/R.5 

(Not Available)

Report of the Chairperson on the sixtieth session of the Evaluation Committee

EB 2009/98/R.6 

(Not Available)

Report of the Chairperson on the field visit to India

EB 2009/98/R.7 + Add.1

Annual Report on Results and Impact of IFAD Operations evaluated in 2008

EB 2009/98/R.8 + Add.2          

(Original document)

Executive Summary - Joint Evaluation of the Agriculture and Rural Development Policies and Operations in Africa of the African Development Bank and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (Refer to original document)

Agenda item 6

EB 2009/98/R.9 + Add.1

Revised IFAD Policy for Grant Financing

Agenda item 7

EB 2009/98/R.10

Report on IFAD’s Development Effectiveness

Agenda item 8

EB 2009/98/R.11

Progress report and activity plan for IFAD’s country presence

Agenda item 9

EB 2009/98/R.12

Review of IFAD’s project procurement guidelines and their implementation

Agenda item 10

EB 2009/98/R.13

Revision of the Lending Policies and Criteria

EB 2009/98/R.14

IFAD’s lending terms and conditions: interest rates for 2010 for loans on ordinary and intermediate terms

Agenda item 11

EB 2009/98/R.15

Streamlining the Executive Board’s approval process for investment projects and programmes

Agenda item 12

EB 2009/98/R.16

Guidelines for dealing with de facto governments

Agenda item 13

EB 2009/98/R.17

IFAD’s participation in the Debt Initiative for Heavily Indebted Poor Countries

Agenda item 14

EB 2009/98/R.18

(Not Available)

Progress report on human resources reform – A people strategy for IFAD

EB 2009/98/R.19

Enhanced Associate Professional Officer Programme

Agenda item 15: Country strategic opportunities programmes

EB 2009/98/R.20

Congo: Country strategic opportunities programme

EB 2009/98/R.21

Malawi: Country strategic opportunities programme

EB 2009/98/R.22

Syrian Arab Republic: Country strategic opportunities programme

Agenda item 16

EB 2009/98/R.23

Resources available for commitment

Agenda item 17:  Project/programme proposals for consideration by the Executive Board

Western and Central Africa

EB 2009/98/R.24

Côte d’Ivoire: Agricultural Rehabilitation and Poverty Reduction Project

EB 2009/98/R.25

Gambia: Livestock and Horticulture Development Project

EB 2009/98/R.26

Liberia: Agriculture Sector Rehabilitation Project

Eastern and Southern Africa

EB 2009/98/R.27

Eritrea: Post-Crisis Rural Recovery and Development Programme – Supplementary grant

EB 2009/98/R.28

Madagascar: President’s memorandum: Proposed supplementary loan for the Project to Support Development in the Menabe and Melaky Regions

EB 2009/98/R.29

Rwanda: Support Project for the Strategic Plan for the Transformation of Agriculture (PAPSTA) – Supplementary grant

EB 2009/98/R.30

Rwanda: Kirehe Community-based Watershed Management Project – Supplementary grant

Asia and the Pacific

EB 2009/98/R.31

Cambodia: Tonle Sap Poverty Reduction and Smallholder Development Project

EB 2009/98/R.32

India: North-Eastern Region Community Resource Management Project (NERCORMP) – Supplementary loan

EB 2009/98/R.33

Kyrgyzstan: Forestry and Carbon Trading Project

EB 2009/98/R.34

Nepal: High-value Agriculture Project in Hill and Mountain Areas

EB 2009/98/R.35

Sri Lanka: National Agribusiness Development Programme

Latin America and Caribbean

EB 2009/98/R.36

Brazil: Carirí and Seridó Sustainable Development Project

EB 2009/98/R.37

(Not Available)

Ecuador: Ibarra-San Lorenzo Development Project – Supplementary loan

EB 2009/98/R.38

Peru: Market Strengthening and Livelihood Diversification Project in the Southern Highlands Project – Supplementary loan

EB 2009/98/R.39

Plurinational State of Bolivia: Campesino Communities Development Project in Cochabamba, Potosí and Chuquisaca

Near East and North Africa

EB 2009/98/R.40

Egypt: On-farm Irrigation Development Project in the Oldlands

EB 2009/98/R.41

Georgia: Agricultural Support Project

EB 2009/98/R.42

Sudan: Rural Access Project

EB 2009/98/R.43

Turkey: Ardahan-Kars-Artvin Development Project

EB 2009/98/R.44

Yemen: President’s memorandum: Dhamar Participatory Rural Development Project: Modification to the loan agreement – Supplementary grant

Agenda item 18:  Grant proposals for consideration by the Executive Board

EB 2009/98/R.46

Grant under the global/regional grants window to a CGIAR-supported international centre

EB 2009/98/R.47

Grants under the global/regional grants window to non-CGIAR-supported international centres

EB 2009/98/R.48

Grant under the global/regional grants window to the International Land Coalition for Advancing the International Land Coalition’s Strategic Framework: Putting a Pro-Poor Agenda into Practice at the national, regional and global levels

EB 2009/98/R.49

Grant under the country-specific grants window to the Zimbabwe Smallholder Agriculture Support Programme

Agenda item 19

EB 2009/98/R.50

Planned project activities

Agenda item 20: Financial matters

EB 2009/98/R.51

(Original document)

Report on the status of contributions
to the Eighth Replenishment of IFAD's resources

EB 2009/98/R.52

(Original document)

Report on the status of contributions to the Seventh Replenishment of IFAD’s resources

EB 2009/98/R.53

(Original document)

Report on IFAD’s investment portfolio for the third quarter of 2009

EB 2009/98/R.54

(Original document)

Status of the negotiations of arrears of the Republic of Cuba

EB 2009/98/R.55

(Original document)

Report of the 109th meeting of the Audit Committee

Agenda item 21

EB 2009/98/R.56

Progress report on implementation of the performance-based allocation system

Agenda item 22

EB 2009/98/R.57

Annual Report on Quality Assurance of IFAD’s Projects and Programmes

Agenda item 23

EB 2009/98/R.58

(Original document)

Programme of events for the thirty-third session of the Governing Council

Agenda item 24

EB 2009/98/R.59

(Original document)

Progress report on the Global Mechanism of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification