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Summaries for the 96th session of the IFAD Executive Board Session - 29-30 April 2009

EB 2009/96/R.2 + Add.1 IFAD Rural Finance Policy EB 2009/96/R.5 Appointment of Members to the Evaluation Committee EB 2009/96/R.6 IFAD’s participation in the Debt Initiative for Heavily Indebted Poor Countries EB 2009/96/R.7 Environmental management and sustainable development - IFAD’s Environmental and Social Assessment Procedures EB 2009/96/R.8 Haiti: Country strategic opportunities programme EB 2009/96/R.9 Pakistan: Country strategic opportunities programme EB 2009/96/R.42 Republic of the Sudan: Country strategic opportunities programme [...]

Presentations made during the G77 Plenary of the 15th of April 2009

Presentation 1 Ms Suzanne Raswant, Officer-in-charge of Special Emergencies at FAO, made a presentation entitled “The Humanitarian Situation in the Gaza Strip and FAO’s response.” She offered updated information on FAO’s response to the humanitarian situation in the Gazan agricultural sector, of the flash appeal, FAO’s on-going activities and for further mobilization of funds. Presentation 2 During her presentation, the Secretary of COAG - Ms Jutta Krause, [...]

Committee on Agriculture : 21st Session

COAG 2009/2 Livestock Policy and Institutional Change for Poverty Reduction COAG 2009/3 Agriculture and Environmental Challenges of the Twenty-first Century: A Strategic Approach for FAO COAG 2009/4 Engaging the Private Sector in Agricultural Development COAG 2009/5 The Way Forward for COAG COAG 2009/Inf 06 Follow-up to Agenda 21 and the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) COAG 2009/Inf 07 Seed Security for Food Security in [...]

Committee on Commodity Problems: 67th Session

CCP 09/2 - GR-RI 07/6 Report of the joint meeting of the Intergovernmental Group on Grains (31) and the Intergovernmental Group on Rice (42) Istanbul, Turkey, 14 – 17 May 2007 CCP 09/3 - TE08/9 Report of the 18th Session of the IGG on Tea CCP 09/7 Multilateral trade negotiations in the WTO: current position and implications CCP 09/8 Policy responses to higher food prices [...]

COFI Documents

Aide Memoire (eng): Civil Society Briefing on COFI Agenda Item 9 Aide Memoire (fr): Note d’information de la Societé Civile pour le Point 9 de l’ordre du jour du COFI Aide Memoire (esp): Nota Informativa de la Sociedad Civil sobre el Punto 9 del Orden del Día de COFI

Annexes to the Agenda of G77 Plenary of the 26th of March 2009

Annex 1: Minutes of the G77 Plenary of the 20th of January Procès-Verbal du Pléniere du G77 qui a eu lieu le 20 Janvier Actas del Plenario del 20 de enero Annex 2: Letter to the G77 Members regarding COFI Lettre au Membres du G77 pour le COFI Carta para los Miembros del G77 sobre COFI Annex 3: Letter to the G77 Members regarding COFO Lettre au Membres du G77 pour le COFO Carta para los [...]

Summaries for the Thirty-second session of the Governing Council - 18-19 February 2009

GC 32/L.3  Appointment of the President of IFAD GC 32/L.5 Report of the Consultation on the Eighth Replenishment of IFAD’s Resources GC 32/L.7 Programme of work, Programme Development Financing Facility and administrative and capital budgets of IFAD and its Office of Evaluation for 2009  GC 32/L.8 A voluntary separation programme for IFAD 2009–2010 GC 32/L.9 Election of members and alternate members of the Executive Board  GC 32/L.10 Report of [...]

Concept note for the Committe on World Food Security 4th February 2009

Propuesta grupo contacto (esp)  Proposed Contact Group (Eng) Groupe de contact proposé (fr) Proposed Contact Group (Arabic)

Summaries for the First Regular Session of the WFP Executive Board - 09-11 February 2009

Agenda item 4 - Annual Reports     WFP/EB.1/2009/4   Annual Report for 2008 to ECOSOC and FAO Council WFP/EB.1/2009/4/Add.1   Annual Report for 2008 to ECOSOC and FAO Council - ADDENDUM   Agenda item 5 - Policy Issues     WFP/EB.1/2009/5-A   WFP Gender Policy WFP/EB.1/2009/5-B  WFP Policy on Disaster Risk Reduction WFP/EB.1/2009/5-C Strategic Results Framework   Agenda item 6 - Resource, Financial and Budgetary Matters WFP/EB.1/2009/6-A/1           Fourth Update on the WFP Management Plan [...]

Annexes to the Minutes for the G77 Plenary

Annex 1: Speech of the Outgoing Chair of the G77, Ambassador Aslam Annex 2: Speech of the Incoming Chair of the G7, Ambassador Arvelo (in spanish) Annex 3: Powerpoint Presentation by the G77 Consultants Annex 4: Letter to the Chair of the Near East Group, Mr Ibrahim Abu Atileh Annex 5: Composition of the Bureau and Working Groups for the CoC IEE.  Annex 6: G77 Coordinators and Alternates [...]
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