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WFP: Executive Board Session: 04 - 06 February 2008

To view the full documents please see the WFP  website. ANNUAL REPORTS  WFP/EB.1/2008/4  Annual Report for 2007 to ECOSOC and FAO Council POLICY ISSUES  WFP/EB.1/2008/5-A WFP Draft Strategic Plan 2008-2011: First Draft WFP/EB.1/2008/5-B/1 WFP's Private-Sector Partnership and Fundraising Strategy  EVALUATION REPORTS WFP/EB.1/2008/7-A  Peer Review of the Evaluation Function at the World Food Programme  WFP/EB.1/2008/7-B Summary Evaluation Report Colombia PRRO 10366.0 WFP/EB.1/2008/7-C Summary Evaluation Report of Kenya Emergency Operation 10374.0 and Country Programme [...]

IFAD : 92nd Session of the Executive Board. 12-13 December 2008

EB 2007/92/ R.2: Programme of work, Programme Development Financing Facility and administrative and capital budgets of IFAD and its Office of Evaluation for 2008 EB 2007/92/R.26: Bangladesh: National Agricultural Technology Project   EB 2007/92/R.27: China: Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Rural Advancement Programme  EB 2007/92/R.28:Nepal: Nepal Poverty Alleviation Fund II Project    EB 2007/92/R.29: The Philippines: Second Cordillera Highland Agricultural Resource Management Project  EB 2007/92/R.30: Viet Nam: Developing Business with the [...]

FAO: 34th Session of the Conference: 17 - 24 November 2007

To view the full documents, please visit the FAO homesite at www.fao.org    C2007/1 Provisional Agenda C2007/2 The State of Food and Agriculture  C2007/3 Programme of Work and Budget 2008-2009  C2007/5A Auditors Report-FAO 2004-2005  C 2007/5 Audited Accounts -FAO 2004 - 2005 C2007/6 Appointment of Representatives of the FAO Conference to the Staff Pension Committee   C2007/7A Report of the Independent External Evaluation of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations  C2007/7B [...]

Report of the Independent External Evaluation of the Food and Agriculture - November 2007

Management appreciated the recognition from the team leader that the IEE has received commendable support from FAO staff at all levels and in all locations - demonstrating the willingness of FAO management and staff to engage in an open and comprehensive assessment of the Organization’s activities, challenges and the need for change. (Par 3) Management agrees with most of the recommendations as well as the major [...]

FAO: The Challenge of Renewal - November 2007

Attached is the summary of the Independent External Evaluation Final Report of the FAO. The G77 summary has attempted to simplify a long, highly detailed document while endeavouring to include many of the more complicated yet essential concepts and strategies. In this spirit, each and every one of the IEE’s recommendations from the original document are included, although many have been reduced to their bare [...]
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