Multi-Lateral Trust Fund

Multi-Lateral Trust Fund

The Multi-Lateral Trust Fund

On the 10th of July 2007, the G77 and China Rome Chapter endorsed the development of a Multi-Lateral Trust Fund which is expected to finance the staff-related costs of the G77 office. The Multi-Lateral Trust Fund is managed by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The trust fund was conceived through the FAO’s Capacity Building Programme to Support South-South Cooperation (Project GCP/INT/055/MUL), largely viewed as a facilitation fund. Apart from providing the honorariums of the G77 Consultants, it was decided that the fund would also cover their work-related travel costs, medical aid and other expenses related to their Human Resources function. As such, the G77 Consultants provide assistance to the G77 members through synthesizing and summarising documents, preparing briefs in advance of meetings, taking minutes during important meetings, provide translations during member meetings, conducting any necessary research and performing the required administrative duties.

The Capacity Building Programme to promote South-South Cooperation

The Programme was established in order to assist Rome based representatives of the developing countries (G77 and China members) during meetings and consultations, particularly those related to the ongoing discussions on the recommendations of the Independent External Evaluation (I.E.E) of the FAO.  Stemming from the realisation that a considerable amount of G77 and China members were not fully equipped to meaningfully participate in meetings and consultations either due to lack of adequate information or the lack of human resources, this programme would ensure that the members had full access to relevant information and also had human resources at hand (the G77 consultants) to assist them. The overall purpose of this Programme is to promote South-South cooperation. 


The replenishment of the trust fund is the responsibility of the G77 and China Rome Chapter Chairperson, who is expected to take the necessary measures to raise funds for the trust fund.

To date, the trust fund has been replenished as follows; US$ 75, 000 and Pounds Sterling 50 000 from the UK government channelled through the Department for International Development (DFID), US$ 25 000 from the OPEC Fund, US$ 30 000 from the government of Germany.