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Latest News

Football against hunger weekend 20–22 March 2009

FAO and European Professional football leagues join forces for anti-hunger match weekend

Women Shoulder Heaviest Burden in Global Food Crisis

Published on 05 March 2009 - Throughout the developing world the global food crisis has made women’s role as chief food provider even more difficult. As WFP delivers food to nearly 100 million people in 77 countries, we try to lighten that burden when we can with an eye toward gender equality.

World fisheries must prepare for climate change

FAO releases new "State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture" report

The Gaza Crisis: Facts, Figures and Documents

Information packs from WFP and FAO

Operation Lifeline Gaza Reaches The Hungry

Kuwait, 17 January 2009 - Josette Sheeran, the Executive Director of the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) announced today that Operation Lifeline Gaza, a campaign launched one week ago at Egypt's border with Gaza to raise awareness and resources for the victims of the conflict, has already helped WFP deliver urgently needed nutritious food in Khan (south), Der el Balah (centre) and Gaza City.

Economic crisis threatens "potato boom"

Expansion of world potato production is vital to food security

Food Ships to Somalia Receive NATO and Dutch Protection

Rome, 10 November 2008 - The Netherlands and NATO are providing naval escorts to protect WFP ships carrying life-saving assistance from pirate attacks off Somalia. More than 2 million Somalis could go hungry without this protection.

Number of hungry people rises to 963 million

High food prices to blame – economic crisis could compound woes

Urgent call for global fight against wheat killer

Major wheat producing countries agree on roadmap to battle virulent fungus

Barack Obama -- Yes He Can Tackle Hunger!

by Nancy RomanRome, 5 November 2008 - Hunger and the global food crisis are but among hundreds – maybe thousands – of policy initiatives competing for time and space on the Obama agenda this morning. They deserve to make the cut. The risk is that the global economic crisis – and the knee-jerk desire to pull inward – will prove the conventional wisdom right: That the world’s 923 million hungry will get hungrier as the financial crisis works its way [...]

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