Latest News

Latest News

37th session of the FAO Conference

The thirty-seventh session of the FAO Conference will be held from the 25 June to 2 July 2011 at the FAO Headquarters, Rome. For the Provisional Annotated Agenda, click here. For the Provisional Timetable, click here.  

G77 Newsletter

April - May Edition 2010

A guide to the work of the G77 based at FAO

Group lobbies on behalf of the food insecure

H1N1 flu in turkeys may spread

Poultry connection strengthens global H1N1 pandemic

New treaty will leave ‘fish pirates’ without safe haven

91 FAO Members have agreed on an international agreement to implement “port state measures” to combat illegal fishing

Land acquisitions in Africa pose risks for poor

First detailed study of phenomenon warns of impacts to rural communities, but notes possible benefits as well

Food prices remain high in developing countries

Despite improved global cereal supplies food emergencies continue in 32 countries

UN food agencies to join G8 agriculture ministers in Treviso

Economic crisis has pushed more people into hunger and poverty

Helping migrants to invest in countries of origin

New collaboration between FAO and IOM

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