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Summaries and Documents

Summaries of the First Regular Session of WFP Executive Board

February 8 – 12, 2010

Agenda item 4 - Annual Reports 

WFP/EB.1/2010/4     Annual Report for 2009 to ECOSOC and FAO Council

Agenda item 5 - Policy Issues

WFP/EB.1/2010/5-C  WFP's Role in the Humanitarian Assistance System

Agenda item 6 - Resource, Financial and Budgetary Matters

WFP/EB.1/2010/6-B/1 Revised Fee for the External Auditor for the Biennium 2008-2009

WFP/EB.1/2010/6-D/1  Report of the External Auditor on the Strategic Planning and Reporting at a WFP Country Office - Uganda

WFP/EB.1/2010/6-G/1   Final Update on the WINGS II Project

Agenda item 7 - Evaluation Reports

WFP/EB.1/2010/7-A    Summary Evaluation Report Afghanistan PRRO 104270

WFP/EB.1/2010/7-B   Summary Report of the Joint Thematic Evaluation of FAO and WFP Support to Information Systems for Food Security

WFP/EB.1/2010/7-C   Summary Report of the Mid-Term Evaluation of the Country Programme Ethiopia 104300 (2007-2011)

Agenda item 8 - Country Programmes

WFP/EB.1/2010/8  Country Programme Guatemala 200031 (2010-2014)

Agenda item 9 - Projects for Executive Board Approval

WFP/EB.1/2010/9/1 Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation - Afghanistan 200063

WFP/EB.1/2010/9/2 Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation - Iraq 200035

Agenda item 10 - Projects Approved by Correspondence



WFP/EB.1/2010/10 Budget Increases to Protracted Relief and Recovery Operations Approved by Correspondence between the Second Regular Session 2009 and the First Regular Session 2010 - Ethiopia 106650

Agenda item 11 - Operational Matters

WFP/EB.1/2010/11  Emergency Operations Approved by the Executive Director or by the Executive Director and the Director-General of FAO (1 July - 31 December 2009)