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Summaries and Documents

Summaries of the Second Regular Session of WFP Executive Board

8 - 11 November 2010 - WFP Headquarters Rome

Agenda item 4 - Policy Issues

WFP HIV and AIDS Policy - WFP/EB.2/2010/4-A

Policy for Disclosure of Internal Audit Reports to Members States - WFP/EB.2/2010/4-B/1

WFP Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Policy - WFP/EB.2/2010/4-C/1

Action Plan for the Implementation of the Capacity Development and Hand-Over Components of the WFP Strategic Plan (2008-2013) - WFP/EB.2/2010/4-D

Consolidated Framework of WFP Policies - WFP/EB.2/2010/4-E

Agenda item 5 - Resource, Financial and Budgetary Matters

Financial Framework Review - WFP/EB.2/2010/5-A/1

Review of the Working Capital Financing Facility - WFP/EB.2/2010/5-B/1

Third Update on the WFP Management Plan (2010-2011) - WFP/EB.2/2010/5-C/1

Second Update on WFP Management Actions in Somalia - WFP/EB.2/2010/5-D/1