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Summaries and Documents

Summaries for the 101st Session of IFAD Executive Board

14 - 16 December 2010

IFAD's 2011 results-based programme of work and administrative and capital budgets, and the IFAD Office of Evaluation's results-based work programme and budget for 2011 and indicative plan for 2012-2013 - EB 2010/101/R.2

Establishment of the Consultation on the Ninth Replenishment of IFAD’s resources - EB 2010/101/R.5

IFAD Strategic Framework 2011-2015 - EB 2010/101/R.12

Revision of the Lending Policies and Criteria – Explanatory note - EB 2010/101/R.13/Rev.1

El Salvador: Rural Territorial Competitiveness Programme (Amanecer Rural) - EB 2010/101/R.30

Nicaragua: Rural Development Programme for the Caribbean Coast (NICARIBE) - EB 2010/101/R.31