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Summaries and Documents

Late and erratic rains affected long-rains cereal crop production in southern and eastern parts of the country.

Rome, 18-23 November 2009

Provisional List of Documents

C 2009/2       The State of Food and Agriculture

C 2009/12     Arrangements for the Thirty-sixth Session of the Conference

C 2009/14     Interim Report on the Triennial Comprehensive Policy Review of the Operational Activities for Development of the United Nations System

C 2009/16     Report of the Twenty-eighth Session of the Committee on Fisheries

C 2009/17     Report of the Nineteenth Session of the Committee on Forestry

C 2009/18     Report of the Sixty-seventh Session of the Committee on Commodity Problems (Rome, 20-22 April 2009)

C 2009/INF/Series

C 2009/INF/14      Annual Report of the WFP Executive Board on its Activities in 2008