Summaries and Documents

Summaries for the Thirty-second session of the Governing Council - 18-19 February 2009

Summaries compiled by the G77 Consultants

GC 32/L.3  Appointment of the President of IFAD

GC 32/L.5 Report of the Consultation on the Eighth Replenishment of IFAD’s Resources

GC 32/L.7 Programme of work, Programme Development Financing Facility and administrative and capital budgets of IFAD and its Office of Evaluation for 2009 

GC 32/L.8 A voluntary separation programme for IFAD 2009–2010

GC 32/L.9 Election of members and alternate members of the Executive Board 

GC 32/L.10 Report of the Emoluments Committee

GC 32/L.11 Final report on the special expenditure for IFAD’s new headquarters 

GC 32/L.12 Progress report on implementation of the performance-based allocation system