Summaries and Documents

Summaries for the 96th session of the IFAD Executive Board Session - 29-30 April 2009

Summaries compiled by the G77 Consultants

EB 2009/96/R.2 + Add.1 IFAD Rural Finance Policy

EB 2009/96/R.5 Appointment of Members to the Evaluation Committee

EB 2009/96/R.6 IFAD’s participation in the Debt Initiative for Heavily Indebted Poor Countries

EB 2009/96/R.7 Environmental management and sustainable development - IFAD’s Environmental and Social Assessment Procedures

EB 2009/96/R.8 Haiti: Country strategic opportunities programme

EB 2009/96/R.9 Pakistan: Country strategic opportunities programme

EB 2009/96/R.42 Republic of the Sudan: Country strategic opportunities programme

EB 2009/96/R.10 Resources available for commitment

Project/programme proposals for consideration by the Executive Board

Western and Central Africa

EB 2009/96/R.11 Benin: Rural Economic Growth Support Project

EB 2009/96/R.12 Burkina Faso: Rural Business Development Services Programme

EB 2009/96/R.13 Guinea: President’s memorandum - Sustainable Agricultural Development Project in the Forest Region (Loan No. 589 -GN) - Amendment to the loan agreement and reallocation of Loan Proceeds

EB 2009/96/R.14 Guinea: President’s Memorandum – Village Communities Support Project – Phase II: Request for waiver of the policy on taxes – Amendment to the Grant Agreement

EB 2009/96/R.15 Mali: Rural Microfinance Programme

Eastern and Southern Africa

EB 2009/96/R.16 Burundi: Agricultural Intensification and Value-Enhancing Support Project

EB 2009/96/R.17 Ethiopia: Community-based Integrated Natural Resources Management Project

EB 2009/96/R.18 Mauritius: President’s Memorandum – Rural Diversification Programme - Extension of the completion and closing dates

EB 2009/96/R.19 Uganda: President’s Memorandum – Vegetable Oil Development Project - Modifications to the Loan Agreement

 Asia and the Pacific

EB 2009/96/R.20 Afghanistan: Rural Microfinance and Livestock Support Programme

EB 2009/96/R.21 China: Sichuan Post-Earthquake Agricultural Rehabilitation Project

EB 2009/96/R.22 India: Convergence of Agricultural Interventions in Maharashtra’s Distressed Districts Programme

Latin America and the Caribbean

EB 2009/96/R.23 Dominican Republic: Development Project for Rural Poor Economic Organizations of the Border Region

EB 2009/96/R.24 Grants under the global/regional grants window to CGIAR-supported international centres

EB 2009/96/R.25 Grants under the global/regional grants window to non-CGIAR-supported international centres

EB 2009/96/R.26 Grant under the country-specific grants window to the International Rice Research Institute, for the Support to Agricultural Research for Climate Change Adaptation in Bangladesh (SARCCAB)

EB 2009/96/R.28 Annual report on Enterprise Risk Management Activities in IFAD

EB 2009/96/R.34 Status report on arrears in principal, interest and service charge payments

EB 2009/96/R.35 Estimated principal and net service charge payments forgone as a result of the implementation of the Debt Sustainability Framework

EB 2009/96/R.38/Rev.1 Audited Financial Statement of IFAD for 2008