Summaries and Documents

Summaries for the 97th session of the IFAD Executive Board Meeting

14-15 September 2009

Summaries compiled by the G77 Consultants

EB 2009/97/R.2 Results Measurement Framework for the Eighth Replenishment period (2010-2012)

EB 2009/97/R.4 High-level preview of IFAD's 2010 results-based programme of work and administrative and capital budgets, and the Office of Evaluation's three-year (2010-2012) rolling work programme and 2010 resource issues

EB 2009/97/R.10 Chad: Country strategic opportunities programme

EB 2009/97/R.11 Peru: Country strategic opportunities programme

EB 2009/97/R.12 Philippines: Country strategic opportunities programme

Western and Central Africa

EB 2009/97/R.14 Chad: Pastoral Water Management Project in Sahelian Areas

EB 2009/97/R.15 Mauritania: Value Chains Development Programme for Poverty Reduction

Eastern and Southern Africa

EB 2009/97/R.16 Ethiopia: Pastoral Community Development Project II 

EB 2009/97/R.17 Proposed supplementary loan to the Republic of Madagascar for the project to support Development in the Menabe and Melaky regions

EB 2009/97/R.18 Uganda: District Livelihoods Support Programme – Supplementary loan

EB 2009/97/R.19 Uganda: Community Agricultural Infrastructure Improvement Programme – Supplementary loan

EB 2009/97/R.20 Zambia: Smallholder Agribusiness Promotion Programme

Asia and the Pacific

EB 2009/97/R.21 Bangladesh: Participatory Small-scale Water Resources Sector Project

EB 2009/97/R.22 Pakistan: Crop Maximization Support Project

Latin America and the Caribbean

EB 2009/97/R.23 Brazil: Semi-arid Sustainable Development Project in the State of Piauí (Viva o Semi-Árido)

EB 2009/97/R.24 Ecuador: Ibarra-San Lorenzo Development Project

EB 2009/97/R.25 Haiti: Small-scale Irrigation Development Project (PPI-2) – Supplementary grant

EB 2009/97/R.26 Mexico: Community-based Forestry Development Project for Southern States (Campeche, Chiapas and Oaxaca)

EB 2009/97/R.27 Paraguay: President’s memorandum: Proposed supplementary financing for the Empowerment of Rural Poor Organizations and Harmonization of Investments (Paraguay Rural) Project

Near East and North Africa

EB 2009/97/R.28 Djibouti: President’s memorandum: Microfinance and Microenterprise Development Project – Amendment to the loan agreement

EB 2009/97/R.29 Lebanon: Hilly Areas Sustainable Agricultural Development Project

EB 2009/97/R.30 Sudan: Revitalizing the Sudan Gum Arabic Production and Marketing Project

EB 2009/97/R.31 The West Bank and Gaza: President’s memorandum: Proposal to channel the net balance due under the Rehabilitation and Development Project in Gaza and the West Bank (Phase II) (RDP-II) into the IFAD Fund for Gaza and the West Bank (Original Version)

EB 2009/97/R.34 Grant under the global/regional grants window to a Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)-supported international centre

EB 2009/97/R.36 Grant under the global/regional grants window to the Global Mechanism of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), for the Programme for Designing Integrated Financing Strategies for UNCCD Implementation in Selected Countries of Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America and the Caribbean – Phase II

EB 2009/97/R.38 High-level Task Force on Global Food Security Crisis and the Administered Account for its Financial Coordination Mechanism

EB 2009/97/R.39 Directions for collaboration among the Rome-based agencies