Statements and Declarations

Outgoing Speech by Mr. Ibrahim Abu Atileh, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, G77 Chair for 2010

Your Excellency Hassan AbouyoubChair of G77 and ChinaRome Chapter


Distinguished Delegates,

It is my pleasure to wish you all a very Happy and prosperous New Year, 2011. In bringing to a close my Chairmanship of the G77 and
China - Rome Chapter for the year 2010, please allow me to thank sincerely, all who assisted me in my chairmanship and to accomplish my mandate. I would also like to express my sincere thanks to Near East Group for my nomination to chair the group for 2010 and to all members of the Group of 77 and China Rome Chapter for their approval of my chairmanship and for their valuable support. I am delighted with the spirit of cooperation and solidarity that prevails in our Group and which helped us to consolidate our ranks and to defend our common strategic interests.As in the last years, our Group has been very active throughout the year. We have continued to tackle a number of multilateral issues in all the related activities related to UN Rome based agencies. And I am proud to say that we had always been in a clear, strong and constructive positions to reflect our mutual interest for the benefit of our countries , myself  as well as all of you noticed that we have all worked for that , either in the Council Sessions , Finance Committee , Program Committee , OEWG , CoCE and all other FAO’s Technical Committees ( CCP , COAG , COFO ) as well as the Committee of World Food Security , so , thank you all for making my job much easier than I had imagine before chairing the group. Our power is in our unity and we should keep that in mind all the way long, taking into account that in the coming year we have still some outstanding issues like increasing the number of the Council seats which we and since three years struggling for , beside other issues in the open ended working group and in the Conference Committee, which lead us to continue our hard work in order to be able to achieve our goals , in the same case our united position is essential in the coming sessions of the Council and the Conference , the budget of the coming biennium as well as the coming Technical Committees sessions , we will meet in this year the election of new Director General as well as the new Independent Chair of the Council and here I will say that continuous consultation among the group members is very important for how to move forward in these issues.

Distinguished Delegates,

I would like to mention that I had prepared a project for G77 Trust Fund and I had asked many countries for their support , in the last week I got a pledge from UK for 20000 pounds and hope to find more resources while many countries interested in that issue which was prepared based on our experience and after an independent evaluation had been accomplished , taking this opportunity to thank UK , OPEC , Germany and Italy for their kind and generous contribution the total contribution from 2007 until now was (in US Dollars):































Total Contributions






I have invited to the following reception the representative of these countries to express our thanks and gratitude for their governments and I have also invited the representative of the countries which I had asked for donation, on the base that I believe that this Trust Fund is essential to our group and it was and will continue as a helpful tool for all of us.
Distinguished Delegates
 I would like to affirm my readiness to continue working with the Group to go ahead towards the achievement of our common goals and interests. At this stage, I wish to extend my heartiest congratulations to the delegation of Morocco His Excellency Hassan Abouyoub who will be handling the Chairmanship of the Group of 77 and China - Rome Chapter for 2011. I pledge to His Excellency and for you all the full and unreserved support of my delegation as well as myself.Finally, I am pleased also to put on record and commend the excellent work done by the Secretariat of the Group of 77 and the G77 consultants for their continued valuable support, dedication and commitment to our work.

Thank you