Facilitation Unit (FU)

The Facilitation Unit (FU) serves as the secretariat for the Alliance and helps Alliance members take action to deliver the Alliance’s aspirational outcomes. For guidance, programmatic and budget planning purposes, the FU reports to the co-Chairs of the Strategic Committee of the Alliance, while complying with the administrative processes of its hosting Organization, FAO, under the supervision of the Deputy Director of the Office of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Environment (OCB).

The FU undertakes its work based on the terms of reference formulated by GACSA members and work programme.

According to the Strategic Plan 2018-2022 the FU is composed by:

  • Mr Simon Leiva, Coordinator
  • Mr Lufingo Mwamakamba, Regional Alliance Leader
  • Ms Jana Stankova, Communication Specialist
  • Ms Nadine VanDijk, Matchmaking Liaison Officer 

For all GACSA Facilitation Unit correspondence please contact: [email protected]