The Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture Facilitation Unit welcomes a new Coordinator and he tells us about his first impressions, GACSA's greatest value and what's next in a recent interview.
The award recognises and promotes the most noteworthy and successful efforts by individuals and organizations fighting climate change in developing countries
Following GACSA’s Annual Forum in June, the GACSA Facilitation Unit shared three big results and follow up actions of the conference with its members. Now, GACSA members and Action Groups ramp up to begin implementing these next steps.
CSAYN is a long standing member of GACSA and works in more than 30 countries to guarantee the future of CSA through the development of the world's young farmers.
With the Government of Zimbabwe, UNFCCC and Green Impact Trust and other stakeholders launched a "Developing a Climate Smart Agriculture Manual for University Level and Professional Level Agricultural Education in Zimbabwe"
The two-day GACSA Annual Forum opened with the Farewell Address of Mi Nguyen, Deputy Permanent Representative of Canada to FAO, and welcomed new Co-Chair Hans Hoogeveen to work along side GACSA's Co-Chair Dr. Lindiwe Majele Sibanda in 2019-2020.
The Compendium on Climate-Smart Irrigation discusses the options and opportunities for each CSA pillar, identifies synergies and trade-offs between the different objectives of CSA.
GACSA has published it's new Strategic Plan 2018-2022, outing GACSA’s delivery model, GACSA added value, GACSA Vision and Mission statements, GACSA Strategic Objectives  and GACSA’s structure as well as expected results  
At the Global Climate Action Summit in California, GACSA is organizing a side event “The Roles of Women & Men - Gender and Climate Smart Agriculture” on Thursday, 13 September from 12:00 - 2:00PM at the Credo Restaurant (260 Pine St, San Francisco, CA 94104, USA). 
Mark Holderness, GFAR Executive Secretary, was invited to deliver the conference-closing remarks. He warned that climate change is already upon us and called for immediate actions, in which all must play their part, to ensure our ability to feed and nourish humanity through resilient and sustainable systems and reduce greenhouse...
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