Mark your calendar! GACSA Knowledge Action Group Webinars in May

The Knowledge Action Group (KAG) of  GACSA would like to invite you to attend two live webinars in May 2016.

 The purpose of the webinars is to share the knowledge gained over the last year, developing and testing climate-smart techniques in various contexts. The ideas and comments of participants will be shared at our Annual Forum at FAO in June, and will be used by the Knowledge Action Group to make a new work plan.

Clicke here to view list of GACSA Webinars. 

Webinar 1- 5th of May 2016: ''Promoting Climate-Smart Agriculture Through Extension: An Overview of Existing Tools and Services''


 • Promising Innovative Extension Approaches for Climate-Smart Agriculture: The Plantwise Example by Luca HEEB, Plantwise Programme Support Officer, CABI Switzerland.

• Agents of Change in Climate-Smart Villages by Elisabeth SIMELTON, Climate change scientist at World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) based in Vietnam.

•  Adaptation to Climate Change is Climate Smart Agriculture: Training Farmers and Trainers on Java and Lombok
by Kees STIGTER and Yunita WINARTO, Universitas Indonesia with Agromet Vision, Depok, Indonesia.

• Climate Smart Agriculture: What Role for Rural Advisory Services? by Soniia DAVID, Agricultural Extension Officer, FAO.

 Webinar 2-  19th of May 2016: ''Practices to Scale-Up Climate-Smart Agriculture''


 • Integrated Soil Fertility Management: Contributions of framework and practices to climate-smart agriculture by Rebbie HARAWA, Interim Head for Farmers’ Solution Program at AGRA, and Bernard VANLAUWE, Director Central Africa and Natural Resource Management at the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture

Coffee-Banana Intercropping: Implementation guidance for policymakers and investors by Dennis OCHOLA, Cropping Systems Consultant, IITA – Uganda

Gender in Climate-Smart Agriculture by Sibyl NELSON, gender advisor on climate change at FAO.

Site-Specific Nutrient Management: Implementation guidance for policymakers and investors by Tek SAPKOTA, Agricultural System/Climate Change Scientist.



Both webinars start at 10 AM Rome. Use this link to convert to your time zone.

                 9:45     Meeting Doors Open — please join 15 minutes early to test your sound

                10:00     Meeting Starts

                11:30     Meeting Ends



We recommend testing your Internet connection and computer compatibility at least one day before the meeting, using the link below. Your computer must pass all four tests. If your computer misses a test, please follow the instructions on the screen.

Link for Testing Adobe Connect                  



Access the Adobe Connect meeting room by inserting the appropriate URL below into your browser.

Webinar 1:

Webinar 2:

To listen to the audio (VoIP), use a computer headset, or the speakers built-in or attached to your computer.

For best reception we recommend using Ethernet, not a Wifi Internet connection.

For more information, please visit our website:


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