U.S. Farm Leaders Set to Promote Climate Smart Agriculture at COP21

An international summit of historic importance aimed at curbing climate change will take place in Paris starting next week and U.S. farm leaders, along with representatives from business and groups in the agriculture supply chain, will be there to share with policy makers from nearly 200 nations around the world the role agriculture can play in providing solutions.

This contingent attending the 12-day UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (known as COP21) is a collaborative effort being under the auspices of the North American Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance (NACSAA), an initiative launched last year by Solutions from the Land (SfL) to share knowledge about and promote the application of good climate science to American farmers and beyond. COP21 aims to hammer out an agreement that will lead to reduced carbon emissions, methane and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) that are causing global temperatures to rise, resulting in volatile weather, including flooding and drought. While some choose to cast agriculture in a "problem frame" when discussing climate change, the NACSAA team will emphasize the reality that agriculture offers a wide range of benefits – soil sequestration, reduced carbon emissions – that can help stem rising temperatures. Read more....


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