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FAO and the GEF

Partnering for Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment

Decision Support for Mainstreaming and Scaling up of Sustainable Land Management

To contribute to combating desertification land degradation and drought (DLDD) worldwide through scaling up sustainable land management best practices through evidence based and informed decision making. The project seeks to increase the provision of ecosystem goods and services and enhance food security in countries and regions affected by DLDD through the promotion of SLM and integrated management and efficiency in the use of natural resources.

Executing Agencies: CDE / World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies (WOCAT) and 15 country lead agencies

GEF ID: 4922
FAO ID: 613307
Focal Area: Land Degradation
Funding source (Trust Fund): GEF Trust Fund
FAO Regions: Global
Location: Argentina, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Colombia, Ecuador, Lesotho, Morocco, Nigeria, Panama, Philippines, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uzbekistan
GEF Period: GEF - 5
Project Symbol: GCP /GLO/337/GFF
Project Cycle Status: Operationally Active
Project Type: Full Size
Co-financing amount: 38,097,347
GEF Grant amount: 6,116,730
Agency fee: 611,673
From: 01/05/2015
To: 30/04/2018