FAO and the GEF

Partnering for Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment

Alignment of the National Action Programs of Argentina with the UNCCD Ten-Year Strategy

To strengthen national capacities and to assist Argentina in the alignment of its NAP with the UNCCD 10-Year Strategy, and in complying with the UNCCD reporting and review process.

Executing Agencies: Secretariat of Environment and Sustainable Development (SAyDS, for its name in Spanish)

GEF ID: 5897
FAO ID: 630474
Focal Area: Land Degradation
Funding source (Trust Fund): GEF Trust Fund
FAO Regions: Latin America and the Caribbean
Location: Argentina
GEF Period: GEF - 5
Project Symbol: GCP /ARG/027/GFF
Project Cycle Status: Operationally Active
Project Type: Enabling Activity
Co-financing amount: 340,380
GEF Grant amount: 136,986
Agency fee: 13,014
From: 01/06/2016
To: 31/07/2018