FAO and the GEF

Partnering for Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment

Pesticide Risk Reduction in Bangladesh

To reduce risks to human and animal health and the environment from stockpiles of Persistant Organic Pollutants (POPs) and other obsolete pesticides and from ongoing excessive use of new POPs and other Highly Hazardous Pesticides.

The project concept was approved during the 52nd GEF Council meeting, held in May 2017. 

Executing Agencies: Ministry of Environment and Forests, Department of Environment (DoE), Bangladesh

GEF ID: 9076
FAO ID: 635605
Focal Area: Chemicals and Waste
Funding source (Trust Fund): GEF Trust Fund
FAO Regions: Asia and the Pacific
Location: Bangladesh
GEF Period: GEF - 6
Project Symbol: GCP /BGD/060/GFF
Project Cycle Status: Operationally Active
Project Type: Full Size
Co-financing amount: USD 17 340 000
GEF Grant amount: USD 8 295 000
Agency fee: USD 788 025