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Civil society and indigenous people’s organizations advocating for equality of land rights

 - The Women’s Non-governmental Organization Coalition was founded in 1994. Its purpose is to promote women’s rights and their effective participation in community sustainable development (25).

- Emang Basadi Women’s Association was established in 1986. It is a women’s rights organization which has strategies and activities geared towards bringing about gender equality. Initially its activities were focused on women’s legal rights, but currently, its major focus is on women’s political empowerment The organization is affiliated with the Women’s NGO Coalition (25).

Local decision-making organizations and women’s representation in them

Local government is administered by nine district councils and five town councils. District commissioners have executive authority and are appointed by the central government and assisted by elected and nominated district councillors and district development committees (6).

Legal Information and capacity development on land rights

- There are initiatives for information dissemination, education and publicity which are undertaken by all stakeholders in agricultural extension, key ministries/departments/organizations, the political organ and the media at large.
- The National Gender Machinery, the Women’s Affairs Department, non-governmental organizations and development partners/organizations have also engaged in a continuous dialogue with civil society and key stakeholders to disseminate information about the revised laws and policies. They have also engaged in training, capacity building and empowerment of women, men and youth so that they are aware of their rights, including inheritance rights (11).

Sources: numbers in brackets (*) refer to sources displayed in the Bibliography