Gender and Land Rights Database


Principais OSCs, incluindo organizações do povo indígena que promovem a igualdade dos direitos à terra

- The Rural Women Empowerment and Life Improvement Association (WELI) was established in 1957. The Association is engaged in activities to improve the life and status of rural women. WELI has established the Training Institute for Life Improvement Techniques, which was donated to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in 1958. The association publishes studies and data on rural women’s activities and promotes initiatives, such as national conventions for women engaged in agriculture, study groups on subjects related to the legal position of rural women and seminars.

- The Japan Family Farmers Movement Nouminren was founded in 1989 and has member organizations in all 47 prefectures and about 50 000 farmers membership. The aim of the organization is to establish independent agriculture-based family farming. The organization advocates the protection of the farmer’s right to hold land titles in order to improve farmers’ livelihoods. The organization also works to improve the status of rural women within the community and to support farmers’ successors.

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