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Republic of Korea

Funding provisions to guarantee women’s land transactions

- The Young Farmer Nurturing Program subsidizes the establishment of new farms and provides funds for the improvement of their management. The government has taken affirmative actions to increase the ratio of women farmers beneficiaries, such as lowering the selection criteria and giving extra points to women (13).

- The government gives financial support to civic organizations that work to promote the status of women farmers and protect their rights, such as National Women Farmers Association and Central Association for Life Improvement. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry dispensed 20 million won in 1998, 30 million won in 1999, and 60 million won in 2000 to assist these organizations (20).

- The National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (NACF) provides low interest loans to the member cooperatives. Loans have increased from 179 billion Won in 1999 to 227 billion Won in 2003. The capital was used by the member cooperatives to establish or improve businesses and services that were beneficial for member farmers such as processing facilities, marketing, etc. (38).

- In 2001, the government began to provide tuition fees to children of single mother farmers in rural areas. In 2004, the criteria for eligibility on farm ownership have been adjusted to benefit more women farmers (13).

Sources: numbers in brackets (*) refer to sources displayed in the Bibliography