Gender and Land Rights Database


Funding provisions to guarantee women’s land transactions

The Law of Mongolia on Promotion of Gender Equality, 2009 guarantees equal rights in the economic sphere. First, Article 9.1 recognises the equal right of all citizens, regardless of their sex, to establish and register an economic entity and to engage in economic and professional activities. Second, under Article 9.2, central and local government agencies, bodies of local self-government, economic entities and organizations of all forms of ownership, have the duty to ensure for men and women an equal access on equal terms to land and other immovable and movable property, budget allocations, financial assets, credit, other economic wealth and resources.

Access to credit services across Mongolia’s rural areas is difficult in terms of transaction costs, a difficulty which is currently being addressed through the use of mobile banking services. Accessibility has been and will remain a particular challenge for Mongolia, which has one of the most dispersed rural populations in the world, with a rural population density of just 2 people per km (15).

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