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Land administration institutions and women quotas

- The Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (MLTM) is responsible for the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan of National Land, which the Ministry reviews and eventually consolidates every five years.

The head of central administrative agency and the Mayor/Do governor translate the comprehensive national land plan in the policies and plans related to their competent duties, and formulate an implementation schedule which they submit to MLTM (25).

- Under MLTL, the Korea Cadastral Survey Corporation (KCSC) is the organization that performs cadastral surveying and is responsible for the management of the ownership and registration system, field surveying, examination of land information and update of registries.
At the local level, KCSC's main duties are to provide cadastral services ,such as land registration and examination of cadastral records, to the public.
KCSC reports to the cadastral departments in MLTM and consists of a three-level hierarchical structure made of a head office, branch offices in provinces, local agencies in cities, counties and districts (37).

- The local governments are responsible for the management of public properties and facilities and may, within the limit of laws, also “enact provisions relating to local autonomy regulations”, as provided for by Article 117 of the Constitution (1).

Sources: numbers in brackets (*) refer to sources displayed in the Bibliography