Gender and Land Rights Database


Land administration institutions and women quotas

The National Programme on Gender Equality, 2002 recognised that the lack of female participation and representation in decision-making is an area of critical concern.

Output 14.2 aimed to increase women’s participation in all levels of civil service management, which could include land administration services but these are not specifically targeted in the programme.

The programme also required a review of the existing legislation and to make amendments if necessary in order to ensure equal access of women and men to the full range of public appointments. It proposed to monitor and evaluate progress in the representation of women through regular collection, analysis of data and establish a viable monitoring mechanism in this field within governmental structures.

Despite this programme on gender equality, the CEDAW Committee in its 2008 report urged Mongolia to undertake awareness-raising campaigns about the importance of women’s participation in decision-making for society as a whole, including in the public and private sectors. The Committee requested detailed information and statistical data on women’s representation, particularly in decision-making positions, in various areas of public life, including in law enforcement, the judiciary and the diplomatic service. It further urged the country to make use of temporary special measures, including through setting up quotas, to accelerate the representation of women at all levels and spheres of politics, especially in decision-making positions (7).

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